Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Commercial finance broker


Looking for an experienced commercial finance broker in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast? 

As part of the Pivotal Financial team, Shawn McAnnalley has a vast amount of experience providing commercial loans to hundreds of clients in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast QLD Australia.

Shawn’s expertise in commercial finance and his access to an extensive network of lenders ensures that you achieve the most competitive rates.

  • Equipment finance
  • Asset finance
  • Investment loans

As a trusted commercial loan broker, Shawn has found suitable loans for owners of cafes, farms, retail stores, hotels, motels, warehouses, factories, and the list goes on. With a strong track record of successfully brokering commercial loans, Shawn can help you structure the right package to achieve your goals. When you need a commercial loan, there’s no simpler way than leveraging the expertise of a commercial loan broker who works with Pivotal Financial.


Commercial loan broker - Mobile service

When you are busy running your business, it’s difficult to find the time to attend appointments with a commercial finance broker, whether that’s in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast. That’s why Shawn provides his clients with a mobile brokering service where he comes to you at home, your business or in a local café if that’s more convenient. This allows you to keep up with your company’s daily needs while at the same time accessing the expertise of a trusted commercial loan broker.

Commercial real estate loans – For new or refinancing

As an expert in commercial real estate loans, Shawn helps you purchase additional buildings for your operations or as rental assets for your company. He completes all the paperwork, ensuring that he has all the required financials and then searches Pivotal Financial network of lenders for matching offers. You accept one of these offers and your new commercial property loan is another box that has been ticked. Shawn takes care of the rest.


Business acquisition finance

If you want to increase your company’s assets by acquiring another business, then as a commercial finance broker, Shawn can help you achieve this goal with a well-structured loan. The application process is approvals for commercial loans . There are various types of loan facilities that be used for acquisition and with Shawn’s expertise, he can walk you through the process, identifying the right financing solution for your business. Shawn’s expertise ensures a fast turn around for business acquisition finance with loans structured to suit your specific requirements.


Development finance

If your next commercial project requires development finance, then you need an commercial finance broker on your team. Shawn has extensive experience sourcing development finance at extremely competitive rates for a variety of developments in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. He can help you access equity using additional properties and guide you in structuring the loans to suit your financial situation.